Laddar Evenemang

I Dramatens gamla biljettkontor huserar Dramatenbaren, en plats där man kan ta del av livescen, väldigt bra mat till bra pris, genomarbetad drinklista och service i en helt unik miljö!




…In a time when computers and artificial sounds are taking a larger and larger part in society, Halina Larsson reaches for the connection to nature inspired by folkmusic from the deepest corners of the desert to the dark forrests of the North. With a unique timbre, her voice paints a complex landscape with unpredictable, raw and powerful melodies. Producer Jonatan Carlsson and guitarplayer Jimmy Roman bring a mysterious atmosphere to the new EP Dear Layla, flirting with post-rock and southern blues. After a decade living in the US, Halina is now back in her hometown of Stockholm, bringing with her the spirits of American hymns and spirituals. The five tracks on Dear Layla speak of love, death, spirituality and visions of the future, all while channeling a dark and haunted energy from the inner and most intimate core of the human soul…


Dramatenbaren (ingång via Dramatens huvudentré, dörren längst till vänster), Nybroplan, 17-23 live ca 20, fri entré



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